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 storyline part3:the breeding

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storyline part3:the breeding Empty
PostSubject: storyline part3:the breeding   storyline part3:the breeding Icon_minitime2008-05-15, 16:06

the aniamls bred and life was peaceful,the mighty elements ruled over the four contenits of the sun

water island-all the water creatures live here
earth island-all the earth elements live here
air island-all the air or wind elements live here
fire island-all the fire elements live here

1 day a dark shadow came over the sun,it blocked out the new sun,Rama
many months passed and the animals thought they're world was cloaked forever,but a couple days later it passed.the stars and moon were created,the aniamls bred bettter that year with 10-20 aniamls in a litter,the sun was home.
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storyline part3:the breeding
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